Beyond The Ruins (Newsletter of The HRA Association)

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The HRA Association

The Holy Royal Arch Chapter (HRAC) Association committee consists of:

President:          Most Excellent Companion Russell King

Vice President: Most Excellent Companion Ken Shineton

Secretary:          Eminent Companion Wally Martin

Treasurer:          Right Eminent Companion George Watson

Members:           Eminent Companion Bob Morcomb; Companion David Gilovitz; Eminent Companion Fred McAnda; Very   Eminent Companion Dennis Livingston; and Most Excellent Companion John Mansfield.

History of the HRAC Association: Download PDF

HRAC Association Flyer: Download PDF

Special Invitation to Master Masons: Download PDF

Your journey through the Principals’ chairs: Download PDF

Reasons to Join The Holy Royal Arch

Within the Victorian Constitution, six months after receiving his Master Mason’s Certificate, a Freemason is entitled to join the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem, more familiarly known as the Holy Royal Arch.

The Holy Royal Arch whilst being an integral part of Freemasonry is organised as a separate Order. It is variously described as the “essence of Freemasonry”, the “foundation and keystone of the whole Masonic structure”, and as “the root, heart and marrow of freemasonry”. Every Master Mason has, and should take, the opportunity of discovering these qualities for himself by joining the Holy Royal Arch.

As with other Masonic Degrees, the ritual takes the form of allegory but the Holy Royal Arch is concerned with encouraging the spiritual aspects of life without compromising or encroaching on an individual’s belief or religion.

The ceremony in the Holy Royal Arch is colourful, thought provoking and uplifting. It is based on the legend of the rebuilding of King Solomon’s Temple and invokes simultaneously sensations of humility and our dependence on our unseen Creator.

We meet in Chapters and our meetings are known as Convocations. Members are known as Companions. As with Craft Masonry, each Chapter is organised individually.

Whilst the Holy Royal Arch is similar in some respects to Craft Masonry, it is different in many aspects and, indeed, it is most interesting in its differences. For example we wear an apron but of a different design and colours, crimson and dark blue, together with a sash and a jewel. We have three Principals who preside over the Chapter. They, and other Officers, are changed annually at the Installation Convocation.

Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria controls the Holy Royal Arch in the State of Victoria and is organised similarly to United Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Victoria.

Metropolitan Chapters’ Calendar

This page is a resource for all Chapter members in Victoria. It provides information on upcoming Chapter meetings in the Melbourne metropolitan area. If you intend to visit a Chapter it is always advisable to contact the Scribe Ezra first, especially if you want any supper!

Click on one of the following links to access a portable document format table of Chapter details and work planned for their convocation in that period. Any queries on content should be directed to REmComp Peter Godson.

May-June 2016

March-April 2016

February-March 2016

What’s New?


The following items have recently been added to the Degree of the Holy Royal Arch website:

  • 21 April Summons to Grand Convocation 20th July 2016 and Bookings Forms {Access via Latest News or Communications> From GSE}
  • 21 April Report of Supreme Committee 2nd March 2016 {access via Communications>Supreme Committee}
  • 21 April Address from GZ Ballarat 16th Jan 2016{access via communications>From GZ}
  • 21 April Proceedings of Grand Convocation – Ballarat 16th Jan 2016{access via communications>Proceedings}
  • 18 Apr  Grand Installation Sat 16 April – Banquet &c {access via Latest News}
  • 18 Apr Grand Installation Saturday 16 April – Ceremonial {access via Latest News}
  • 18 Apr Grand Installation Saturday 16 April – Ceremony(Guests) {access via Latest News}
  • 17 Apr Matthew Flinders HRA Chapter No 121 Installation – Thursday 14 April {access via Latest News}
  • 22 Mar Footscray HRAC No 27 Installation – Monday 21 March 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 16 Mar Passing of MEm Comp. C.D.Priddle, PGZ {access via Latest News}
  •  2 Mar Melbourne Metro Calendar for Mar-Apr 2016 added {access via MMC Page in Quick Links & Latest News}
  • 29 Feb Yarram HRA Chapter No 40 Installation 27 Feb 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 26 Feb Northern United HRA Chapter No 2 Installation 23 Feb 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 24 Feb Public Schools HRA Chapter No 66 Installation – 18 Feb 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 23 Feb Victorian Naval & Military HRA Chapter No 124 Installation – 16 Feb 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 23 Feb Grand Convocation – Ballarat – 16 Jan 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 15 Feb 2016-17 Grand Chapter Team Luncheon – Sun 14 Feb 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 15 Feb Billanook HRAC No 122 – Installation Fri 12 February 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 15 Feb Pathway Ceremony at South Yarra Gardenvale HRAC No 6 – Thu 11 February 2016 {access via Latest News}
  •   5 Feb New Feature – Melbourne Metro Calendar Page {access via Latest News}
  •   5 Feb Melbourne Metro Calendar for Feb-Mar 2016 added {access via MMC Page in Quick Links}
  •   5 Feb Melbourne Metro Calendar Page {access via Quick Links}
  • 19 Jan Notice of Grand Installation and Booking forms(access via News or Communications>From Grand Scribe Ezra)
  • 19Jan Lecture from Grand Lecturer at January Convocation (access via Library>Lectures from Grand Lecturer)
  • 11 Jan  Scribe Ezra Checklist (access via Scribe Ezra)
  • 19 Dec Proceedings of Grand Convocation 21 Oct 2015 {access via Communications>Proceedings}
  • 19 Dec Report of Supreme Committee Dec 2015 {access via Communications>Supreme Committee}
  • 19 Dec Communication from GZ October 2015 {access via Communications>From GZ}
  • 16 Dec  Editions 17 & 18 of Beyond the Ruins added {access via Quick Links}
  • 23 Nov Wangaratta HRA Chapter No 96 Installation – 21 November 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 22 Nov GZ Meets with North Eastern Companions – 21 November 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 21 Nov Yarrawonga HRA Chapter No 69 Installation – 20 November 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 17 Nov Auckland NZ – 124th Grand Convocation SGC NZ – 18th to 20th March 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 16 Nov Valley HRA Chapter No 36 – Installation 12 November 2015 {access via Latest News}
  •   7 Nov Invitation for Ladies to join Companions at 2016 Convocation in Ballarat {access via Latest News}
  •   3 Nov Amicus Carnivale – 6 February 2016 {access via Latest News}
  •   2 Nov Links added for Grand Chapter Web sites of Qld, WA and NSW {access via Sister Jurisdictions}
  • 30 Oct Kyabram & Northern HRA Chapter No 54 – Installation 29 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 28 Oct West Wimmera HRA Chapter No 55 – Installation 27 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 25 Oct Royal and Select Grand Installation – 24 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 22 Oct  Summons to  Grand Convocation 16 January 2016 {access via Latest News & Communications > From GSE}
  • 21 Oct Grand Chapter Convocation – Wednesday 21 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 13 Oct Prospect Hill HRA Chapter No 64 – Installation 13 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  •   7 Oct St George HRA Chapter No 7 – Installation 5 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  •   5 Oct Bacchus Marsh HRA Chapter No 98 – Installation 2 October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  •   4 Oct Supreme Grand Chapter of WA – Proclamation 26 September 2015 {access via Latest News}
  •   2 Oct Whitehorse HRA Chapter No 124 – Installation 1st October 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 29 Sep Belgrave HRA Chapter No 74 – Installation 25 September 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 27 Sep White Eton Jackets will now be worn throughout the year {access via Latest News}
  • 25 Sep Robert Money Memorial Lecture Competition 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 23 Sep Grand Convocation at Ballarat on Saturday 16 January 2016 {access via Latest News}
  • 22 Sep Bellarine HRA Chapter No 120 (Daylight) Installation 18 Sep 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 18 Sep Bairnsdale Weekend 12th – 13th September {access via Latest News}
  • 16 Sep Combermere HRA Chapter No 752 EC – Installation Visit 15 Sep 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 14 Sep Dandenong-Apex HRA Chapter No 70 – Installation 10 Sep 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 24 Aug District Grand Chapter of the Middle East {access via Latest News}
  • 9 Aug  Pakenham HRA Chapter No 104 – Installation 7 Aug 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 9 Aug  Royal Eaglehawk HRA Chapter No 3 – Installation 4 Aug 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 18 Jul  Melbourne HRA Chapter No 8 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 17 Jul  Grand Chapter Secretariat -Relocation Advice {access via Latest News}
  • 17 Jul  Summons to October 2015 Grand Chapter Convocation {access via Latest News}
  • 16 Jul  Grand Chapter Convocation – Keysborough 15 July 2015 {access via Latest News}
  • 07 Jul  Donation to Eastern Palliative Care {access via Latest News}
  • 29 Jun  Grand Imperial Conclave of Victoria – Re-Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 29 Jun  Companions and Brothers in Gippsland {access via Latest News}
  • 24 Jun  Proceedings of SGC Victoria – April 2015 {access via Comminications>Proceedings}
  • 18 Jun  Last Craft Communication at Dallas Brooks Centre {access via Latest News}
  • 15 Jun  Hampden HRA Chapter No 56 – Surrender of Charter {access via Latest News}
  • 09 Jun  Vale Comp Kenneth Fitch Kemp {access via Latest News}
  • 02 Jun  Carlton HRA Chapter No 35 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 23 May  Honour Board for Kyneton HRAC No 21 added {access via HRAC Honour Boards under Quick Links}
  • 23 May  Murray HRA Chapter No 57 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 22 May  Mildura HRA Chapter No 29 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 22 May  Birdwood HRA Chapter No 28 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 21 May  Kyneton HRA Chapter No 21 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 14 May Greensborough HRA Chapter No 87 – Installation {access via Latest News}
  • 03 May  Retiring Grand Team Lunch {access via Latest News}
  • 22 Apr  Grand Convocation Notice – 15 July 2015 {access via News and via Communications > From GSE}
  • 22 Apr  Address from the new GZ – 18 April 2015 {access via Communications > From the GZ}
  • 22 Apr  Grand Chapter Team Members 2015-2016 {access via Grand Team}
  • 22 Apr  Communication from Outgoing GZ – April 2015 {access via Communications > From the GZ}
  • 14 Apr  Honour Board for Matthew Flinders HRAC No 121 added {access via HRAC Honour Boards under Quick Links}
  • 14 Apr  New Page: Holy Royal Arch Chapter Honour Boards added to Quick Links Menu {access via Quick Links}

Robert Money Award

The Robert Money Memorial Lecture is intended to commemorate the contribution to Freemasonry in general and to Royal Arch Masonry in particular by the late Robert Money, OBE a Past First Grand Principal of the Chapter, Past Grand Master of the Mark and Past Deputy Grand Master of the Craft.

Each year an award is offered for the best lecture of 2,000 words maximum on any topic pertaining to Royal Arch Masonry suitable for presentation, in any medium chosen by the presenter, to an audience of Royal Arch Masons. A trophy is awarded to the winner and the winning lecture is generally published in the Freemasonry Victoria Magazine. The winning lecture may be presented at a Grand Chapter Quarterly Convocation subject to recommendation by the judging panel.

Boards and Committees

The principal board of Supreme Grand Chapter is called the Supreme Committee (formerly known as the Board of General Purposes) and all other Committees report to it.

Membership of the Supreme Committee consists of:

  • The First Grand Principal (also known as Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Deputy First Grand Principal (aka Deputy Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Immediate Past First Grand Principal (aka Past Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Second Grand Principal (aka Grand Haggai)
  • The Third Grand Principal (aka Grand Jeshua)
  • The Grand Treasurer
  • The Grand Registrar
  • The President of the Supreme Committee (Chairman)
  • The Grand Scribe Ezra (Secretary)
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Metropolitan area
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Country area
  • One member appointed by the First Grand Principal

The other Committees are:

  • The Finance & Administration Committee
  • The Development Committee
  • The Judiciary Committee

The Appeals Committee

Inspectors of Workings

Each Holy Royal Arch Chapter has an Inspector of Workings appointed to assist them in their ceremonial endeavours. The Inspector is usually a Past Grand Officer with some experience on how a Royal Arch Chapter should properly perform its ceremonies and conduct its Festive Board.

Inspectors of Workings are expected to attend at least two meetings of their allocated HRA Chapter and to submit a report on the Chapter’s performance to the Grand Inspector of Workings via the Grand Scribe Ezra. This enables the Grand Inspector of Workings to marshall any assistance necessary for Chapters which may be struggling with any aspects of their work.

Newly appointed Inspectors of Workings are presented with a Certificate at the first Grand Chapter Quarterly Convocation following their initial appointment. This is to emphasise the importance placed on their role by the Most Eminent First Grand Principal.