What to Do if You Need to Get a Window Repaired

If you need a replacement windshield, glass repair or glass replacement services for windows and other glass parts is something you should always do yourself. Whether it is your own office, your place of business, or any different sort of commercial building that requires emergency glass service, glaziers can be found in no time at all to take care of the matter. In this article we’re going to outline where you can find a competent glazier in your area to help with any of your broken windows. 

house window repair in Brisbane

What Should I Do If I Need Emergency Glass Repair Services?

If you’re in need of immediate assistance, the good news is that there are a myriad of companies that offer same-day emergency glass-repair services. Unfortunately, accidents happen when we least expect them to. If you need a house window repair in Brisbane, you’re in luck. Simon’s Glass is highly reputable for their competent glass repair services. Get in contact with their glaziers today and they’ll run you through your available options for emergency assistance. 

What Are Some of the Factors that Contribute to Needing a Glass Repair?

If you live in an area where you experience heavy rain, wind, snow, snowflakes, hail, and hail storms, glass services might be needed more often than you would like. Again, you want to make sure that you schedule the glass replacement services immediately before the repair or replacement becomes a hassle. 

What Else Should I Know About Glass Repairs?

When to Request Same Day Glass Replacement Even though these services are relatively inexpensive, it is essential to be aware that you should always get your glass replacement services done for the same day that you order them. This way, you get the best quality and glass material for your needs, and you can guarantee that the repair or replacement is done right away. If you leave a glass repair kit at home when you go out for the day, this option is even better.

Last but not least, if you plan on installing glass in your home, then it is essential to get glass repair or replacement done as soon as possible. This way, you can ensure that the glass does not crack or break during the installation process or if you use a contractor to install it, you can always count on having glass that is just as good as the day you installed it.

What Do I Do if My Windshield Has Been Shattered? 

If your windshield has been shattered or damaged in a collision, or if it has become chipped or cracked, then a glass replacement service might be needed for the same day that you have requested an appointment. While some companies offer same day services as soon as they receive your order, others may require several days or even weeks to deliver the broken glass to your house.

Where Can I Go For More Information on Glass Repairs in Brisbane?

If you’re looking for more information on glass repairs in Brisbane, the good news is that there is a multitude of information available on the internet on how you can go about getting your glass repaired professionally. Additionally, if you call around between your local glaziers they are likely to administer a free quote upon inspection of your premise.  Whether you are interested in glass replacement services or not, you must remember to call your local glass repair company for maintenance and repair services if you have broken glass on your premises. No matter what your circumstances are, you can rest assured knowing that there are glaziers in Brisbane that are available to help if you need assistance. 

Are Plantation Shutters an Affordable Solution?

Modern plantation shutters make for beautiful window coverings. Not only do they provide an excellent aesthetic appeal to the interior design of your home, but they can be used to block out the light from the outside world while you are inside your home. While some types of plantation shutters can be adjusted to allow more or less sunlight into the room, some blinds can be completely closed to keep the light out.

Window blinds have been around for many centuries, although they were mostly restricted to windows in ancient buildings. The advent of electricity changed the way blinds were made and in turn, altered how they were used. Plantation shutters made of lighter fabric are now available in many colours, styles, and textures, just like curtains.

What Styles Are Currently Trending? 

Venetian blinds are trendy today. They are the most commonly used type of blind. Their appeal is not only because of their ability to block out the sunlight, but also their versatility. Because they are made of fabric, you can adjust them to fit your window frame perfectly, so that you can use the blinds when you want them to, and not have to make any alteration. Some Venetian blinds come with their valances, which allow for easier adjustments.

Roman blinds, on the other hand, are the most durable blinds that you can buy. You cannot tell that the blinds are made of fabric from a few inches up. Since the material of the blinds is woven, you can be confident that the blinds are made of sturdy material and can stand up to a lot of abuse. If you want to add a bit of colour and style to your interior, it is possible to install Roman blinds on top of the existing wooden blinds.

How Much Do Outdoor Blinds Cost? 

Blinds in other materials such as wood can look very impressive in a home. However, the only disadvantage of wood blinds is that they need to be maintained and replaced regularly. This maintenance can cause problems that would not exist if you had used vinyl blinds. Vinyl blinds do not fade or develop holes or cracks. They can last for a long time, as long as you take care of them. However, they do require frequent cleaning.

What Are the Advantages to Installing Plantation shutters?

Another advantage of blinds is that they are easy to clean. You don’t have to spend money to have them cleaned regularly, since most blinds can be wiped clean and vacuumed by hand. Of course, price is one of the essential advantages of purchasing blinds. Blinds are very affordable and easy to install. For ready mind blinds, Imperial InHouse are developing a name for themselves for expert interior blind designs. Since you can choose from different models, including other materials, it is possible to find the blinds that best suit your budget. If you install blinds in your home, you can have different levels of privacy and openness, depending on the amount of space in your room.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Getting Blinds Installed? 

Disadvantages of blinds include having to pay for an expert to install blinds. Installation can be very costly, especially if you have an elaborate window treatment plan in mind. Besides, because they are cheaper, people may feel the need to use blinds in their bedrooms and living rooms, even though these rooms are off-limits to this extra expense. People are more willing to compromise on privacy and openness in this room because of their more relaxed lives. It is also more challenging to cover dark corners in a bedroom, so blinds are used in most of these rooms.

Another disadvantage of blinds is that they can be noisy. When you turn on the light in your room, they will not only let the light in but also let other things like your dog’s urine and furniture sound. These kinds of blinds are ideal when your family has pets. Blinds are not cheap. While they may not be expensive, the price of blinds depends on several factors, including size, material, number of panels, and other features. As mentioned earlier, blinds can be quite expensive if you are looking for a blind that will fit into all your needs.

Types of Paint Used For Painting Walls

Paints get widely used in almost every home in the world. They come in a wide variety of types, which ensures versatility in their usage for different wall textures. Some various kinds of Paint which can be oil or water based, tend to come up with the best one for your wall.

Here’s a brief explanation of some of the top paint types which can produce superior painting services that get widely used for painting walls.

  • Matte Paints

These type of paints come very easy to apply. They do not have as much sheen as other types, but they are an ideal choice when it comes to ignoring visual distractions. Apart from the fact that they commonly use interior home paintings, they usually do need regular retouching.

  • Enamel Paints

Unlike Matte paints, these do not need a great deal of regular retouching. They may be similar, but Enamel paints are much easier to clean and are very durable.

  • Gloss Paints

Just as the name implies, gloss paints are made specially to deliver a high level of sheen to a wall. They are a perfect choice when it comes to applying paint to woodwork, or exposing the blemishes of a wall.

  • Satin Paints

Ideal for areas involving regular wall cleaning, satin paints are popularly known to work well as interior paints. Usually, they come with a low, soft sheen.

How To Choose The Best Paint For A Wall

Choosing the best paint for a wall can help make things easier. Homeowners can even rest assured of the results they will be getting when applying colours to the exterior and interior parts of their home.

  • Sheen

The sheen refers to the shine of a paint. It is essential to take note of the brightness and sheen which only paint can offer. Considering this will would help people decide on what kind of shine their walls might need.

  • Colour

Colour is an important factor that would help homeowners match the walls of their home together with the ceiling and other parts of a room. Dull colours get mostly avoided. Homeowners can always ask an expert for painting ideas to help them choose the right paint colour for their home.

  • Wall Texture

The texture of the wall should also consider when finding the best paint for a wall. Walls can make of ceramic tile and porcelain, or concrete block or slabs. By so doing, people can quickly come up with an idea of what paint fits each of their walls.

Interior Renovation: The Kitchen Design

The kitchen is perhaps the most important space in your house, the hub of family activity. For many people, it is not only a place for food storage and food preparation, but also the room for eating, for sitting down as a family and talking. It’s often where kids do their homework, where adults share a relaxing glass of wine after dinner, and where the family pets are constantly being shooed away from the counters. Regardless of your family dynamics, it’s quite likely you all spend a large part of every day in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, putting away shopping, and interacting with each other.

Image Credit: Rhonda McLean Interior Designer

With that in mind, it’s essential that the space you have works efficiently. So many different jobs are undertaken in the kitchen that storage spaces and work spaces are crucial. Even simple tasks, like making a sandwich, become mammoth assignments if you cannot find the butter or nobody remembers to put the chopping board back where it belongs.

Careful redesign can make this space work seamlessly, meaning that anything you’re trying to do becomes easy and straightforward, saving you time and frustration in your busy schedules. These design were created by the expertise of a Melbourne kitchen designer – assisting with the overall functionality of the kitchen without sacrificing on aesthetic, letting you neatly store your pans, recipe books, spices, seasoning, ingredients, and even your kid’s backpack which always gets left on the kitchen table.

Image Credit: Just Better Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

Many kitchens are poorly designed and don’t allow for the sort of open plan layout many people want; a lack of sideboard space can lead to a pile-up of clutter, which will frustrate your attempts to cook or clean. It’s also important to consider how many more gadgets are found in kitchens today; kettles, toasters, and microwaves have been standard for a while, but these have been added to by blenders, juicers, soda siphons, coffee makers, bread machines, and so many other things. While these are great for making our lives easier, storing them certainly doesn’t, so rethinking your kitchen layout to incorporate these devices while maintaining a clutter-free space will seriously improve your kitchen.

As well as practicalities, we will help you consider aesthetic. Whether you want to go for a farmyard kitchen look, complete with warm copper accents and wooden counters, or you would prefer a sleek, contemporary design, we have lots of different options. We will help you think through practicalities such as good lighting and easy-to-clean flooring, while making sure you get the perfect look.

Our online portfolio could help to inspire your ideas, and our staff can talk through your needs to design the best layout which will make your kitchen really work for you. By optimising the space for you and your family, you will make all those little tasks which you undertake there – from helping with homework to filling out bills and paperwork which hasn’t quite found its way to your office – that much easier and pleasanter. Cooking will be a breeze with your key ingredients and tools at hand, and you will have a space which is a pleasure to walk into and work in.

Designer lighting tips for an amazing living space

In our daily lives we need proper illumination at night. Light is the medium that creates events and it also throws up some very unforgettable memories. Everyone loves to spend a sunny day on the beach and we also love to propose marriage by candlelight. Light also influences our mood, which is why it makes sense to do everything in our power to choose the best designer lighting solutions.

Setting the mood

There are many options available to us when we want to buy a designer or feature lights for the kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom. We can use designer lighting to enhance our lives and to improve our homes. The right lighting also helps to strengthen as well as highlight the structure of an interior or home. The right kind of lighting also sets the mood and adds warmth to a home or room.


Designer lighting can make your home look very distinctive. The nice thing about choosing designer lighting is that it is stylish and it allows you to make a real statement. You can choose between modern and classic and the right designer lighting solutions will make your home look much more attractive.


Things to consider

When choosing designer lighting there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. First of all, you have to check the amount of natural light that enters a room. Next, you need to decide which areas within your room require lighting. After that, you need to think about the different types of lighting. There are several options available including ceiling fixtures to provide overhead illumination. A floor lamp is another option as too is a table lamp.


Complement an existing theme

Choosing the right style is the most exciting part about choosing designer lighting. If your interiors have a particular theme then you should choose designer lighting that complements that theme. On the other hand, you may want to try a traditional theme or even a classic one.

Industrial Look Pendant Lighting

When choosing industrial pendant lights keep in mind that it goes well with most types of furniture and is a good choice when you are unsure about what to use to light up your room. Industrial lights are also very nice as too are rustic lights. They can each create a particular mood and hence are quite a popular option.


The good news is that there are virtually unlimited options available to those who want to use feature lighting. Whether you want to buy an industrial light or you want to use wall lights or even pendant lights, there are an endless number of options available to you. The right amount of illumination can and will have a very positive effect on your home.


The bottom line is that choosing designer lighting helps to give your interior design a look of sophistication. All that you need to be concerned about is choosing items that work well with the theme of a room as well as lighting requirements. When it comes to choosing designer lighting you can buy your lights from a designer store or you can go online and buy your items from a designer’s website.

Smart furniture arrangement for the office space

It goes without saying that furniture in any interior space is essential. You can choose from an assortment of items regarding places and ways to buy, prices, manufacturers and quality. Whether you’re working from an office or home, it is important for you to feel comfortable in your work-space. A comfortable office increases efficiency and productivity and here are a few tips on how to manipulate your ergonomically designed office furniture so as to achieve maximum efficiency.

Pay attention to the furniture
To be completely comfortable at the office, a proper desk and chair are essentials. There are several things to consider before purchasing these pieces of furniture such as, an ideal chair should have armrests that are low enough for your shoulders to stay relaxed, for your elbow to bend at a ninety degree angle and for your feet to lie firm and flat on the floor. The desk should be of a suitable height.

Appreciate the light
Ideally, a work space should have lots of windows for natural lighting. This is because the sun has been proven to boost your mood which in turn will make you more productive. However, since that is not always possible, you should get adequate artificial lighting in your office to facilitate writing, reading and other activities.

Regulate temperatures

If the temperature in the office is too cold, it affects your productivity, if it’s too hot, it affects your concentration. You need to be able to manipulate the temperature in your space in spite of the temperature outside. A HVAC system comes in handy during such instances and makes part of your office furnishings.

Decorate your space
It is not easy to determine how the ideal office interior should look like. Some people believe that it should be somewhere between a home and an office while others think it should be efficient and functional. Whatever your preference is, an inspirational poster will boost your mood and productivity. Get a cork board where you can display both decorative and practical elements. Pick a rug that cheers up the room. Combine the functionality of the workspace with the coziness of home.

Stay organized
A disorganized workspace can obstruct you from working efficiently and productively. Include on your desk only the elements that you really need to make sure that they are easy to reach. While decorative items bring your office to life, do not clutter your workspace with them. Instead, display them on the wall in front of your desk where they can be seen.

Robert Money Award

The Robert Money Memorial Lecture is intended to commemorate the contribution to Freemasonry in general and to Royal Arch Masonry in particular by the late Robert Money, OBE a Past First Grand Principal of the Chapter, Past Grand Master of the Mark and Past Deputy Grand Master of the Craft.

Each year an award is offered for the best lecture of 2,000 words maximum on any topic pertaining to Royal Arch Masonry suitable for presentation, in any medium chosen by the presenter, to an audience of Royal Arch Masons. A trophy is awarded to the winner and the winning lecture is generally published in the Freemasonry Victoria Magazine. The winning lecture may be presented at a Grand Chapter Quarterly Convocation subject to recommendation by the judging panel.

Boards and Committees

The principal board of Supreme Grand Chapter is called the Supreme Committee (formerly known as the Board of General Purposes) and all other Committees report to it.

Membership of the Supreme Committee consists of:

  • The First Grand Principal (also known as Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Deputy First Grand Principal (aka Deputy Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Immediate Past First Grand Principal (aka Past Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Second Grand Principal (aka Grand Haggai)
  • The Third Grand Principal (aka Grand Jeshua)
  • The Grand Treasurer
  • The Grand Registrar
  • The President of the Supreme Committee (Chairman)
  • The Grand Scribe Ezra (Secretary)
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Metropolitan area
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Country area
  • One member appointed by the First Grand Principal

The other Committees are:

  • The Finance & Administration Committee
  • The Development Committee
  • The Judiciary Committee

The Appeals Committee

Inspectors of Workings

Each Holy Royal Arch Chapter has an Inspector of Workings appointed to assist them in their ceremonial endeavours. The Inspector is usually a Past Grand Officer with some experience on how a Royal Arch Chapter should properly perform its ceremonies and conduct its Festive Board.

Inspectors of Workings are expected to attend at least two meetings of their allocated HRA Chapter and to submit a report on the Chapter’s performance to the Grand Inspector of Workings via the Grand Scribe Ezra. This enables the Grand Inspector of Workings to marshall any assistance necessary for Chapters which may be struggling with any aspects of their work.

Newly appointed Inspectors of Workings are presented with a Certificate at the first Grand Chapter Quarterly Convocation following their initial appointment. This is to emphasise the importance placed on their role by the Most Eminent First Grand Principal.

Grand Lecturer

The Grand Lecturer or one of his Panel members is available to speak at HRA Chapter meetings on a number of topics and the aim is to inform and entertain.

A number of lectures have been placed on this website and made available to members only. Members are invited to use these lectures and research materials for their own Masonic development and for presentation in their own HRA Chapter.

The Grand Lecturer welcomes contributions and suggestions for lectures from Holy Royal Arch Masons.

It is a requirement that Holy Royal Arch Chapters making official visitations to Craft Lodges use only an accredited speaker and these are made available through the Grand Lecturer who can be contacted via the Grand Scribe Ezra.