Boards and Committees

The principal board of Supreme Grand Chapter is called the Supreme Committee (formerly known as the Board of General Purposes) and all other Committees report to it.

Membership of the Supreme Committee consists of:

  • The First Grand Principal (also known as Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Deputy First Grand Principal (aka Deputy Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Immediate Past First Grand Principal (aka Past Grand Zerubbabel)
  • The Second Grand Principal (aka Grand Haggai)
  • The Third Grand Principal (aka Grand Jeshua)
  • The Grand Treasurer
  • The Grand Registrar
  • The President of the Supreme Committee (Chairman)
  • The Grand Scribe Ezra (Secretary)
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Metropolitan area
  • Three elected members from Chapters meeting in the Country area
  • One member appointed by the First Grand Principal

The other Committees are:

  • The Finance & Administration Committee
  • The Development Committee
  • The Judiciary Committee

The Appeals Committee