Holy Royal Arch Chapters usually meet five or six times a year. Office-bearers, or those wishing to become office-bearers, are expected to attend rehearsals which usually occur a few days before each meeting.

A Chapter Convocation usually lasts about two hours and is generally followed by a meal which is called the Festive Board. Attendance at the Festive Board is not compulsory but affords the members an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in informal surroundings and so attendance is highly recommended.

Each member pays annual fees which are set by each Chapter according to its circumstances. In addition, each member pays an annual capitation fee to Grand Chapter via his HRA Chapter. Members pay only one annual capitation fee irrespective of how many HRA Chapters they belong to. Some Chapters also charge a fee of about $10/person for the meal.

New regalia is available from the usual Masonic regalia suppliers, however second-hand regalia is usually available.